Alexander Balakshiy

Create Android App
Price - from 2 500 $
Platform - Android
Duration - from 3 month
Installment plan - yes
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MY Skills
Kotlin | Java
Material Design
Room | SQLite | Firebase
MySQL | Retrofit | Api
Coroutines | RXJava
Koin | Dagger

Hi! My name is Alex. I’m Android Developer. I develop mobile apps for the platform android. I use the most recent technology – Kotlin, Coroutines, Dagger, Retrofit.

I love use database on server MYSQL with Retrofit for create mobiles apps. Besides, I like use local data base Room.

I adhere very good architecture according to pattern MVVM and all technology связанные with realisation this architecture for develop android apps.

I use not only most recent creative elements of ui from conception Material Design, but and work in detail with ux on the basis world practice psychological behavior of the user when working with mobile apps.

Besides, I love to use different effects of animation to work apps. I focus on quality and speed working apps.

If you want to create an android app or you have a question for me – contact me. Form for contact me is below