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App For Barber Shop

September 11, 2020

Release App For Barber Shop: may 2021 year
Pre-launch price for sponsors – 500 $ (10 clients)

From may 2021 year:
First 3 clients – 1 500 $
Second 20 clients – 3 000 $

Further price – 4 000 $

Description App For Barber Shop

App for Barber Shop is a business-soft for a barber shop. App consists of two parts: mobile app on Android for clients, mobile app on Android for administrator barber shop, database MYSQL and site.

Mobile apps on Android are the main component of business-soft for a barber shop. Mobile app on android for clients consist of:

  1. Module to make an appointment. This module consists of  three functions – make an appointment through  – choice of service, choice of barber and choice of date.
  2. Store that sells products for hair care
  3. Module with info about barber shop and barbers
  4. Module-blog with recommendations of hair care
  5. Module works with clients. This module provides on opportunity builds work with clients using game form: gifts, stocks and games. Module works with clients is psychological a tool, which binds user on your business  
  6. Personal chat for clients and barbers
  7. Built-in system for evaluating the work of barbers
  8. Portfolio of barber shop
  9. Account your users
  10. And much more

Mobile app on Android for administrator barber shop provides an opportunity audit to the barber shop. You can control appointments, distribute free time barbers, get statistics about – finance, data works barber shop on different parameters. You can gets info about – your revenues for different periods, revenues of barbers, the system of evaluation of staff performance

Besides, the app provides an opportunity automatizations work with clients. This automation will allow you to improve the customer service, expands the customer base, reduces the cost of manual management of the barbershop, increases profits and stands out from the competition.

Project to My Store

All clients get a gift in 2022 year-mobile app on IOS

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