My Shopping List LV

Alex Balakshy

Description App “My Shopping List LV”

App provides an opportunity to create your shopping list. App condition’s from two modules: constructor-catalog and quick purchases.

First module “Constructor-Catalog” provides an opportunity creates your shopping list using catalog with most popular products, which make up 95% basket of products any a family

Second module “Quick Purchases” provides an opportunity to create a shopping list individually using the enter name, quantity and type package product.

So, first and second modules provide in opportunity add’s products with parameters quantity and type package (kilograms, grams, liters, milliliters, pounds, gallons, pint, ounces, pieces) products.

Besides, the app provides an opportunity to create a shopping list using your most popular products. You can look at shopping lists with sorting on categories or look at products on the common list.

You can form products from shopping lists to templates. So, you can create don’t  new list every time. Instead of this, you can use a ready template.

For example, we can create a template with the name “Friday”. You form products which are bought every week to this list. Each of the two  modules provide an opportunity to create  three templates.

You can look at the app ” My shopping list” 



Module “CATALOG”


App to My Store

You can download the app to the App Store. This app has very good support, creative design and effective functionality!

If you have a question , write to me!